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Image:isp_lite.png - available in ISPmanager Lite

Image:isp_pro.png - available in ISPmanager Pro


  • Management Tools
    • File manager Image:isp_lite.png Image:isp_pro.png - access the server file system.
    • Support center Image:isp_pro.png - submit trouble tickets to the support center, manage special categories, and archived tickets.

  • Statistics

  • Extra Applications
    • WebMail - Image:isp_lite.png Image:isp_pro.png - set up the software tool for managing mail boxes.

  • Other Settings
    • General settings Image:isp_lite.png Image:isp_pro.png - select a language, interface theme, password and set other control panel parameters.

  • Help
    • Help Image:isp_lite.png Image:isp_pro.png - customize the ISPmanager interface.
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